About L.B.
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After I saw the motion picture "2001: A Space Odyssey" on its first release
(yes, I am from the Pleistocene!) I was inspired.
I wondered, "What would astronomical objects really look like if we could visit them?"
I started to paint.

A little later, I was told you can't put acrylic paint in an airbrush.
I did.

Then, when the accepted way to record animation was taping it one frame at a time,
I played it live from RAM.

Since then, a lot of technology happened.
It changed how we see space subjects.
Now, I like to make them move!

A Compact Biography

Animation and Video
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									First Men in the Moon in 3-D The First Men in the Moon 3D, a film by David Rosler.

The first 3-D version of the classic film, and the only one completely faithful to the original classic story by H. G. Wells.  I contributed the basis of the model of the observatory.   I also play the role of the astronomer, Mr. Wendigee.  You'll see me at the start of the trailer.

Frame from The Moonrock Rock, 
									animated music video The Moonrock Rock (music video)

I chose a 3-minute song by Jane Murphy from her 1986 collection "Journey into Space" (available from Kimbo Educational Company), to animate with 3D characters: a singing Moonrock and his accompanists, the Rockettes.

Video at Vimeo - Starship RVCC Starship RVCC (Vimeo)

Past All College Day events at Raritan Valley Community College included a lighthearted opener to what started as Faculty Reporting Day. For the Star Trek theme in 2010, I turned the RVCC campus into a starship and created several minutes of animation to accompany the voice narration, interrupted in several spots for commentary by the hosts.

6 Mars globes animation - Schiaparelli, Lowell, Slipher, Antoniadi, Rudaux, Modern

6 Globes of Mars compared, from eBook Space History Mysteries Solved!.

Space Art
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Virtual-Reality Objects
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Kepler transit detection of extrasolar planets

Lucy West's Jupiter and Galileo map composite

Pluto's moon Charon, with feature labels


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UACNJ 25th Anniversary Celebration
April 13, 2018

Special presentation by Lonny Buinis:
(tentative title) "Space... Why Bother?"
Details to follow...
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Contact me - lonnybuinis @ gmail



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